What does your site’s web design say about your business?

Your website is the first place prospects will visit when they want to learn more

Web Design

Our Web Design Services

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Every web design project from Venn Marketing starts with the idea of the website being mobile friendly, aka responsive web design. This means your website will work on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

WordPress Custom Web Design

Many organizations turn to WordPress web design for business or personal websites. With it’s easy to use interface, safe and secure admin, and modern coding standards, WordPress is a great fit for most web design projects.

E-Commerce Web Design

Consumers expect to be able to buy online from your website. If your website doesn’t offer e-commerce or the ability to schedule and pay online, customers will perceive your business as obsolete and seek out your competitors.

Website Copywriting

Your website is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. Does it represent your company’s best pitch? Is it clear what your business offers visitors? Is your SEO bringing in new leads? If not – Venn Marketing can help.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages need special design and optimization to help convert users. From user tracking to UX to keyword intent, Venn Marketing can improve your site and page performance and convert visitors into leads.

No Hidden Fees

Noone like surprises when it comes to budgets. Some web design agencies make you sign long-term contracts or say if you leave you have to pay an exit fee. With Venn Marketing, once your website is built and paid for – it’s yours.

Components Of Good Web Design

Good Web Design - What Is It?

At Venn Marketing, we understand that websites must have more than just beautiful design. Websites must be created with business goals in mind. That’s why we craft our WordPress web design services to each client, ensuring that your website engages with your audience and drives conversions. Our web designers and web developers take WordPress’ blank canvas and create a modern, attractive website that perfectly reflects your brand and also set up to generate more traffic and create leads.

Responsive Web Design

Give visitors a great experience regardless of the device

More traffic is generated from mobile devices than from desktops. Your site's web design needs to perform just as well, if not better, on mobile devices thank desktops.

Every web design project is optimized for viewing on multiple device with a range of screen sizes including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Responsive Web Design
Web Design with WordPress Content Management System
Content Management System

Easily manage your site with best-in-class software

Your website needs to grow with your business, and making updates to content shouldn’t require a technical degree.

For most web design projects, WordPress is the preferred content management system. With rich customization and widely available support, WordPress web design is one of the most popular website choices available.

Business Growth

Generate more revenue and leads

Web design should do more than just look pretty and drive traffic - it should help convert visitors into customers. A website should utilize call-to-actions, landing pages, and forms to convert unknown visitors into leads and prospects.

Our web design team works with your organization to identify what visitors need from your website generate leads and revenue.

Atlanta SEO
Professional Writing
Professional Writing

Attract more visitors with audience-focused content

Customers are more likely to find your website, think of you as an industry leader, and trust you with their business if you provide them with content and writing that resonates with them.

Our web design team understand how important content is to a website, and our writers will work with you to develop the right content for your web design project.

75% of users make a credibility judgment of a business based on its website

Organizations have a critical need for websites that look great and have important information for their audience. What’s more, visitors will use variety of devices – desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices – to interact with your website. Therefore, a website that looks good on different devices is a must for any web design project

In fact, Google recommends all websites be responsive. This is a special web development feature is called a responsive web design, and Venn Marketing specializes in responsive web design – in fact, every web design project we create is responsive.

At Venn Marketing, we approach every website design project with goals bigger than aesthetics

For many clients, website design is where the search for an interactive partner begins. Rightfully so, the cornerstone of the majority of interactive marketing campaigns is the website. It serves as your base of operations, your chance to speak directly to your clients and potential customers in a powerful, one-on-one marketing experience. Often a website design provides the first chance to make a lasting impression on a potential customer. A tastefully designed, thoughtfully organized website that is easy to use becomes a favorite. A clunky, awkward design with no flow becomes just an entry on a browser’s history.

At Venn Marketing, we approach every website design project with goals bigger than aesthetics. A beautiful site design consistent with your brand is a given but for us that is only the beginning. For us, designing websites is about usability, conversions and an overall experience that engages users with the brand.

All of our website design projects begin with an understanding of the totality of your business. What your business does, how you make money, and who your customers are influence our creative process. Everything from a high level overview to the most ordinary detail can be a huge factor in the design.

And the process at Venn Marketing ensures that meeting your business goals is the focus of our strategy from day one to ensure your website drives your bottom line.